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Blitz-Illu Videos is owned by Moviegroup, the German Internet's largest Video on Demand portal.
Here you can download videos and watch them even while still downloading them.

All videos have TV quality and full-screen mode. You can watch every video you download as often as you want during 24 hours.

  • Watch videos at home
  • All videos with TV quality and full-screen size
  • A huge selection of videos starting at 3 Dollar
  • Easy and secure registration
  • No subscription, no strings attached
Blitz-Illu Videos - your online video rental - Register now!

Three easy steps to watching the video of your choice:
  • Register
  • Purchase credit
  • Verify your age ... and get watching!

    If it's your first time with Blitz-Illu Videos, you have to register.
    Just click "Register", enter your data in the registration form and in less than 5 minutes you're all set to watch!

    Blitz-Illu Videos utilizes the well-known payment system PAY2GO.

    Your advantage: 128-bit encryption and top-security datacenters mean your data is 100% secure and cannot be misused for spam.
    After registering, select a method of payment (credit card or bank debit) and purchase your video credit.
    Do the age check and then enjoy access to all videos at Blitz-Illu Videos!

    You incur no other costs. Your video credit remains valid until you have used it up. We do not, however, refund unused credit.
    It's easy to top up your credit.
    Use our Rebate!

    Real easy and real secure -> Register now!

  • FREE Test Video

    If you are not sure whether your PC can handle the download, try to download our FREE test video.
    Doing this tests your system requirements, your PC's settings and tries to send you a video license - like the one you need for an entire video.
    If you can download the video without any problems and it runs on your PC smoothly, you're ready to get started:
    Your system can handle all videos at Blitz-Illu Videos.

     System requirements

    - Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
    - Processor 800 MHz
    - 128 MB RAM
    - 1 GB free on hard drive
    - 16 MB graphic card
    - 16 bit sound card
    - Media Player 7 +
    - Internet Explorer 4 +
    - Cable connection
    What you need - System requirements

    You need a Windows PC with Windows 98 or higher, with medium to good performance. The list to the right contains all the details.
    Info: Almost any computer purchased in the last 5 years in retail will meet these requirements.

    You need Windows Media Player (at least Version 7). This player is preinstalled on most PCs.
    If you don't have Windows Media Player -> download it here for free.

    You need a cable connection
    A normal cable connection is sufficient for downloading videos.
    ISDN is too slow.

    Before registering, select a video from the homepage and click "View Video" in the detail page. You will see an error message if your connection is too slow.

    You need Internet Explorer ( Version 4 or higher ). This browser is installed on all Windows PCs.

    If a popup blocker is activated, switch it off. Otherwise the download manager for downloading videos will not open.
    Info: Blitz-Illu Videos is completely free of popup ads. So you do not need any popup blocker.

    You browser must have JavaScript activated for your browser and it must accept cookies from "".
    Both are absolutely risk-free and in no way impair your Internet security. License purchase and video download only work with JavaScript and cookies.

    How to activate JavaScript

    Info: JavaScript is risk-free.

    JavaScript is a programming language that your browser uses to interpret certain webpage contents.
    Downloading videos from Blitz-Illu Videos requires JavaScript. We use JavaScript to check whether your PC has the technical capacity to download videos.
    This includes for example checking connection speed, browser version, Windows Media Player version as well as your system clock settings. Blitz-Illu Videos checks in this way that video download will work on your computer. Your personal data cannot be read.

    The following shows you step-by-step how to activate JavaScript in your Internet Explorer:
    Select "Internet Options" from the "Extras" menu in Internet Explorer.

    Click the "Security" tab in the new window.

    Click "Adjust level".

    Scroll to "Scripting" and check the "Activate" box for "Active Scripting".

    Now click "OK" in both open gray windows. The windows will close.

    Now JavaScript should run. If it doesn't, close all browser windows and restart the browser. Call up Blitz-Illu Videos and select the video again.

    How to activate cookies

    Check first that your system clock is set to the correct time and date! This might be the reason for cookies not working.

    Info: Cookies are risk-free.

    Your Web browser (Internet Explorer) has a small database called the cookies cache. The web server stores information on websites you have visited (such as Blitz-Illu Videos) in the form of HTTP cookies and refers to them if you visit the website again.

    Blitz-Illu Videos uses this option to store data on your PC: The first and most important information that Blitz-Illu Videos stores in a cookie is the ID of any video you have selected.
    This ID is needed to supply you this precise video after you have paid for the license. Without the cookie for the video, the Blitz-Illu Videos download won't work.

    Other cookies (username SessionID) are for your convenience.

    Blitz-Illu Videos thus only stores information on your computer to be able to supply you the video quickly and securely.

    This is how you can straightforwardly configure cookie settings in Internet Explorer:

    Select "Internet Options" from the "Extras" menu in Internet Explorer.

    Click the "Data Protection" tab in the new window.

    Click "Expanded…".

    Uncheck the box "Remove automatic cookie processing" if necessary.

    Now click "OK" in both open gray windows. The windows will close.
    Now close all browser windows and restart the browser. Call up Blitz-Illu Videos and select the video again.

    Video license / Video download / Help for AOL customers

    Video download using download manager

    The download manager downloads your video to your PC quickly and easily.
    The video is stored in the directory you selected. That's why you can start viewing the video even while it's downloading.

    To use the download manager, you need Internet Explorer Version 4 or higher.

    The time needed to fully download a video to your PC depends on the speed of your connection.

    When you want to download a video FOR THE FIRST TIME using download manager, first click the "Change directory" button and select a folder for the video. ONLY HAVING DONE THIS should you start downloading!

    If the download is aborted for any reason, close the browser window and log in again. The menu button "Your downloads" lets you resume the download.

    Download window does not open

    If you click the button "Download video" and no new window with the download manager opens, this is probably because you have activated a popup blocker.

    To download videos, all popup blockers must be deactivated.

    Some security programs have a built-in popup blocker that - even if you have not set it - blocks all automatic popups as default setting.
    The following uses the example of Norton Internet Security 2007 to show you the steps you need to take to deactivate popup blocking by security programs.

    1. Open Norton Internet Security 2007
    2. Click the button "Norton Anti Spam"
    3. Click "Status and settings"
    4. Click "Block popups" to the right
    5. Click "Configure"
    6. Uncheck "Activate popup window blocking"
    7. Click "OK" to confirm
    8. Close the program "Norton Internet Security 2007"
    9. Close all browser windows and restart the browser
    10. Finish

    License expired?

    If you have just (or within the last 24 hours) acquired the license for a video, it may occur that when playing the video in Windows Media Player you will be requested to acquire a license for the video. This can occur if it is the first video you have downloaded from Blitz-Illu Videos or if delivery of the license directly following purchase did not work. You can have the license delivered again free of charge.

    No extra costs are involved.

    Follow the steps below to have the license for your video resent:

    1. Click "Yes" in the gray window on the Player.

    The video might already start now.

    2. Otherwise the "Acquire License" window will open. Click "Get license".

    3. A browser page with the Blitz-Illu Videos.login page will open.
    Log in again and follow the steps indicated.
    On closing the window, the "Play" button in the window on the Player should become active.

    4. Click "Play".

    If the "Play" button does not become active, click "Cancel" and then click the Windows Media Player "Play" button. If you are now requested to acquire a license, click "Yes".
    The video should now run.

    If necessary repeat steps 1-4. Then close all browser and player windows.
    Even if delivery of the license only works after a number of tries - you only pay once every 24 hours..

    License error
    If no video loads in your Player window, and instead you see only characters and numbers (as in picture below), you have to change your settings for Windows Media Player.

    Start Windows Media Player from your program folder.
    Select "Options" from the "Extras" menu in Windows Media Player.

    Click the "Data protection" tab.

    Check the "Automatically acquire licenses for protected contents" box.

    Click "OK" and close Windows Media Player.
    Close all browser windows. Call up Blitz-Illu Videos and log in again. Use the "Your Downloads" menu button to restart or resume downloading your video.

    If the download is interrupted again:
    Close all connections to other pages and end all other downloads.
    Close all browser windows. Call up Blitz-Illu Videos and log in again. Use the "Your Downloads" menu button to restart or resume downloading your video.

    Direct download

    If the download fails again, you can download the video directly to your PC bypassing the download manager.
    RIGHT CLICK the button at the bottom and select the "Save under" option from the option.
    Select the directory where the video is to be stored and click "Save".
    When the video has downloaded completely, double click it in the directory to start it.

    Video download for AOL customers

    AOL has changed its browser software.
    The basic settings of the new software contain a "TopSpeed" function that is not compatible with the video download function of our video rental.
    You must switch off this function to download videos. Below we show you how to do this.

    Info: It is not dangerous to switch off the "TopSpeed" function!

    Proceed as follows to switch off the browser function:
    Click "Settings" in the "Settings" menu of your AOL Browser.

    In the "Basic Settings" tab, click "Internet Settings".

    Uncheck "Optimize web browser with AOL TopSpeed" in the "Browser Settings" window.

    Click „Save".

    Then close all windows and restart the browser. Call up the video rental again and log in.
    You will find your video at "Your Downloads". Now you can download it without any problem.

    No Player window opens

    If no Player window opens, you have probably not installed Windows Media Player correctly.

    If you do not find Windows Media Player in the list of your programs,
    -> download it here for free.

    Restart your PC and then start Windows Media Player.
    Call up Blitz-Illu Videos select the video again.
    Watch video in full-screen size

    You can increase the size of the Windows Media Player just as for all other windows: Left click on the bottom right corner of the Player window, keep the key depressed and drag the window to the bottom right.

    Switch directly to fullscreen mode

    You can also switch directly to fullscreen mode: Right click in the Player window and select the "Fullscreen" option from the menu. Do the same to close the fullscreen mode and revert to the smaller window.

    Keyboard Shortcuts

    Fullscreen -> [Alt] + [Return]
    Close fullscreen -> [Esc]

    What does Blitz-Illu Videos cost

    Registration for Blitz-Illu Videos is FREE OF CHARGE!

    On registering, you purchase credit that you can use straight away. You can watch all the videos you want as often as you want. When your credit runs out, it's easy to top up again.
    Click here for our SUPER BARGAIN!

    Blitz-Illu Videos gives you 15 Dollar

    The price surprise: On paying for 60 Dollar credit, you get 75 Dollar credited to your account.

    You only pay for videos you really want to see. You incur no other costs even if you don't use your credit over a long period of time.

    Each video is listed with a rental price for 24 hours. If you want to watch the video, a personal license will be saved to your PC.
    This license is valid for 24 hours and you can watch the video as often as you want during this time.

    Unlimited viewing - and you don't have to do anything

    It's easy: Your membership of Blitz-Illu Videos runs for as long as you want. The same is true of your credit. You pay nothing. You can top up your credit at any time.
    We do not, however, refund unused credit.

    Fair play: You only pay for videos you really want to see!

     Prices and special deals at a glance

    You pay You get You gain
    15 Dollar 15 Dollar credit No gain
    35 Dollar 40 Dollar credit You gain: 5 Dollar
    60 Dollar 75 Dollar credit You gain: 15 Dollar

    Premium Support

    If you require Help, contact our Support Center.
    One of our employees will be with you within minutes. Click the button below for our contact form.

    We are there for you Monday to Friday at 9.30 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.!

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